Working With Children

A special part of Igor Petrushevski’s teaching is working with children. His work with children is resulting in pupils as young as twelve years old performing in major concert halls such as Music Verein Golden Hall in Vienna and giving performances all over the world. The methodology that he passes to young pupils is in major part the same as how he was thought by the legendary teachers in Moscow, as Prof. Igor Petrushevski continues to teach the methodology of the famous Russian school of violin playing.

A crucial part of his teaching methodology is to develop on the same level technical, emotional and intellectual aspect of playing. It is a giant complex puzzle where if there is one piece missing the whole picture is simply not there.

When working with children, he, in particular, concentrates on the importance of freedom, which was one of the most important aspects of the Y. Yankelevich school of violin playing.

The complexity of educating children is the hardest for any teacher. Here is the result of the most recent student that benefited from Prof. Petrushevski’s teaching methodology.