Making Professionals

Igor Petrushevski’s main profession is teaching. Trying to following in the footsteps of the legendary Russian teachers such as A. Yampolsky and Y. Yankelevich. He has been teaching in major institutions around the world for the last 25 years.

Working with the high-end soloist is intellectually the most interesting. Forming strong players opinions and the interpretative taste is the period when individuality is formed. Deciding which interpretative language to choose and how to have perhaps the intellectual capacity to say something unique from today’s point of view is, unfortunately, something rarely addressed in music education today. Prof. Igor Petrushevski tries to address these issues when the level of student is of a high enough standard.

A crucial part of Prof. Petrushevski’s teaching methodology is to develop on the same level technical, emotional and intellectual aspect of playing. It is a giant complex puzzle where if there is one piece missing the whole picture is just not there.

Working with Jaroslaw Nadrzycki on Brahms Concerto.