Preparing Students

Prof. Igor Petrushevski’s principal profession is teaching. He is trying to implement the teaching techniques of legendary Russian teachers such as A. Yampolsky and Y. Yankelevich. He has been teaching in major institutions around the world for the last 25 years.

A student’s education is the period when all aspects and complexity of technical, musical and intellect are to form the personality of the musician. Prof. Igor Petrushevski’s work tries to incorporate all these elements.

As a direct result of his teaching, many of Prof. Igor Petrushevski’s students are winners of international competitions including Paganini, Tchaikovsky, Long-Thibaud, Lipizer, Tibor Varga, Indianapolis, Tokyo, Wieniawski, Cologne, Heifetz, Sion, Postacchini, Joachim, Britten, Canetti, and Khachaturian. His students have performed with famous orchestras such as the London Philharmonic, the Royal Philharmonic, the Hamburg Philharmonic, the Transylvania State Philharmonic, the Vilnius State Philharmonic, the George Enescu Philharmonic, the Simón Bolivar, the MDR Sinfonieorchester, etc.

Some of Prof. Igor Petushevski’s current and former students are leading important orchestras in the UK, the USA, and Russia and are playing in major orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Wiener Philharmoniker, Covent Garden Orchestra, etc.