Igor Petrushevski's students - Iva Miletic

Iva Miletic

Iva Miletic has established as one of the leading violinists of her generation.

She started showing her extraordinary talent from a very early age. At the age of six, Iva Miletic won her first special award at the international competition in Belgrade.

Much international recognition was to follow with top prices at 29 international competitions all over the world. To name just few: 1st prize at the “Beethoven Competition” as well as the special price for the best performance of Beethoven’s music, 2nd  prize at the “Mendelssohn Competition” Berlin, 1st prize at the international  “Canetti” competition, 1st  prize at the  “Folkwang HochSchule Essen” competition, Grand Prize at Ibla competition as well as the special price for the best performance of contemporary solo sonata for violin, 3rd price at the International Kärntner Sparkasse Music Scholarship 2010, 1st prize at the international competition  “Young Virtuosos”, 1st prize winner of Aram Khachaturian International Competition, 1st prize at the International competition  “The Musicians of New  Milenium”…

Having come from a family of musicians, which had very strong influence on her from very early age, Iva Miletic had over five hundred concerts in Italy, the Chech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia and Germany.

She studied with Prof. Igor Petrushevski who influenced her playing, as well as the intellectual and artistic side of her musicianship. Many distinguished professors, artists, and conductors have ranked Iva among the most talented and promising young violinists in Europe. Prof.Klaus  Maetzel Semmering-Wien, Mikhail Kopelman, and many others.

Since the age of nine, she has continually attended master classes with world-famous violinists and pedagogues: Pinchas Zukerman, Prof. Jiry  Tomasek, Julian Rachlin, Stefan Milenkovic, Vadim Gluzman, Schlomo Mintz and many others.

Iva has won many competitions including:

1st prize in “Cita di Stressa, 1st prize in “Genova”, 1st prize in “Petar Toskov”, 3rd prize in “Jaroslav Kocian”, 1st prize in “Bor”, 1st prize in “Belgrade National Competition”, 1st prize International Competition “Young Virtuosos” Sofia, 1st prize “Beethoven”, “Mendelsohn International Competition” Berlin and the 1st prize at the “Aram Khachaturian Competition.

“Iva is an artist who is already mature and who has proved her talent at musical contests and on the concert’s stage. Therefore I believe that this ‘gem’ deserves the attention of everybody who can contribute to her further cherishing and development of her exquisite gift. I am happy to be able to take part in that.”

Miletic Iva - Mozart - Violin Concerto No.3

Iva Miletic-Mozart "Sinfonia Concertante" Mvmt.1